Blogs in April 2017

Until recently, roadway safety has been focused on mitigating physical injury and property damage from auto accidents. But things are changing as the automotive industry moves away from a mechanical business and toward one more focused on software.

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Say good-bye to run-of-the-mill windshield glass. In the next 50 years, glass could contribute to technology much in the same way silicon has in recent years. Before you...Read more

If you have a dinged or cracked windshield, it’s important to react as quickly as possible to prevent the need for a windshield replacement. But what if you don’t have time to repair the windshield right away? Is there a way to stop the crack from spreading?...Read more

Windshields are possibly the most frequent glass we see, but the least we think about! If you’ve ever wondered what they are made of, how they shatter or how they are made, keep on reading! Windshields are more interesting than you may think.

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