Fact or Fiction: You Need to Replace Your Entire Window

Broken window? You may not need a full frame window replacement. In fact, replacing your entire window could cost you up to 50% more than simply replacing the glass. Are you a candidate?

Full Frame vs Insert Window Replacement

Replacing existing glass with clear, professionally made, heat retaining insulated glass units (IGU) offers a faster, simpler, more budget-friendly fix than full frame window replacement, and is possible in a wide variety of situations you may have previously presumed impossible:

  • Broken pane?
    Opting for replacement glass to banish broken panes offers a fast, economical solution when compared to full window frame replacement costs.
  • Foggy windows?
    Broken seals or “blown” windows resulting in the oxidization of coatings or condensation between panes can be quickly and easily addressed with a new insert.
  • Worn or rotted frame?
    Patch and replace a rotted window frame, upgrading glass quickly with inserts, to preserve the ambiance and value of historic homes.
  • Cranky windows?
    Removing dirt, grime, and paint, as well as adjusting hardware and components on stuck or stubborn windows, costs pennies compared to full window replacement.
  • Drafts?
    Caulking and weather stripping with the installation of IGUs is easy and inexpensive.

What About Energy Savings?

One of the biggest assumptions homeowners make is believing full window replacement is worth the exorbitant cost due to energy savings. This is a mistake. Repairing structural issues and opting for insulated glass units (IGU) over full window replacement is up to 70% more efficient than standard double glazing. Regardless of the IGU selected, your energy bill will be reduced, saving you as much as 50% in energy expenses with some units. Options such as low emissivity (low-E) IGUs offer superior heat retention.

Glass-Only Replacement with IGUs Offers Clear Advantages:

  • Dramatic reductions in heat loss/heat gain and increased home comfort.
  • Significant energy savings and possible energy tax credits.
  • A huge reduction in unwanted outside noise.
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Less time and hassle courtesy of fast installation times – less than a day!
  • Improved home appearance and enhanced value.
  • No touch-ups or redecoration necessary post-upgrade – indoors or out.
  • Self-cleaning glass and safety opportunities (laminated, tempered glass).
  • Less waste in landfills.
  • An amazing warranty including free replacement in the rare event of failure.

Don’t get stuck on full window replacement. Learn the real story. Replace windows quickly and affordably by opening up to the advantages of IGUs. Contact Glass Doctor to schedule a free in-home consultation today.