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Frameless Glass Shower Doors | Upgrade Your Space

Tired of that plastic shower curtain hanging in your bathroom? The experts at Glass Doctor® will provide you with frameless glass shower door options to upgrade your space. We will explain how a customized, frameless shower door adds light and value to any bathroom remodel. Keep reading to find out more about what Glass Doctor can do. 

Custom Glass Shower Doors 

Glass Doctor regularly installs shower doors and tub features of all styles—from simple, functional pieces to luxury, highly decorative glass. We will help you navigate the entire process, from budgeting and design to installation and future maintenance.

frameless glass shower door

  • We provide upfront, flat-rate prices before any work gets done.
  • We are available on your schedule.
  • Our team will provide custom glass solutions designed to fit your space and style.

Glass Door Installation

We highly recommend having a professional glass specialist customize and install the glass door for your shower.

  • Installing a glass shower door without a frame is more technically challenging than putting in a framed door or curtain rod.
  • There are several aspects of the installation that could become issues if you take the DIY approach—such as incorrectly handling fragile glass panes or measuring the space correctly.

Speak with our glass experts today about your shower glass door installation.

Upgrade Your Shower Doors 

Adding a frameless glass door to your shower can enhance your whole bathroom, both financially and aesthetically. Here’s how:

Opens and Brightens the Bathroom

A transparent glass shower door can significantly improve your bathroom’s lighting and flow. If you’ve been using an opaque shower curtain, you’ll notice an instant improvement when you switch to glass shower doors. Frameless glass doors for your shower will provide the feel of a larger, breezier bathroom.

frameless glass shower

Increases Your Resale Value

Upgraded bathrooms, including showers with frameless glass doors, can increase your home’s value. If you’re looking to sell your house in the next few years, refreshing your bathroom can pay dividends in your home’s purchase price. Estimates as to how much will vary, but many real estate experts agree you should see a return on your investment costs when you sell your home.

Call Glass Doctor Today

When you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom, call the experts at Glass Doctor at 855-603-1919 to get started on your custom frameless shower doors today.