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Summer Home Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for your summer home bathroom remodeling project, keep reading for a comprehensive look at custom shower, window, and mirror ideas.

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Summer Home Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

glass shower and mirrors

Take a look at how Glass Doctor can help you transform any bathroom in your summer home.

Upgrade Your Shower Space

Improve your bathroom with frameless shower doors or a glass tub enclosure. Your new shower will provide a focal point for the room, function better, and enhance the aesthetic in your space.

Before installing a new shower, consider these six important factors:

  • Layout of your bathroom—Based on the configuration of your bathroom, one of our professionals can help you determine what type of tub enclosure or glass shower you can fit in your space.
  • Building materials—The makeup of your walls will affect the maximum weight of your fixture and the installation process.
  • Size—Before installing your new shower, our team will take precise measurements of your bathroom to customize your shower for the space and ensure it fits properly.
  • Proper ventilation—Without good airflow in your bathroom, moisture can build up and cause mold growth. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, Glass Doctor may be able to install a ventilation kit to improve interior air circulation.
  • Shower fixtures—Think about adding accessories such as a detachable shower head or shower seat to give an extra level of functionality to your space.
  • Protection—If one of your new or older bathroom features breaks down, have you budgeted for the repair costs? Make sure you look into the warranty for new items or cover your older ones with a protection plan.

Install New Mirrors

glass shelves in bathroom

In addition to a shower upgrade, install new mirrors in your bathroom to reflect natural lighting and add depth to the space. Below are a variety of mirrors perfect for upgrading your bathroom:

  • Mirrored backsplash—This statement piece can create depth in a smaller bathroom.
  • Mirrored shelves—Spruce up your space by adding shelves that reflect light and hold important bathroom necessities.
  • Mounted mirrors—A wall-mounted makeup mirror can provide magnification features when getting ready for the day.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors—These types of mirrors allow you to get a full view of your outfit before you begin your day.

Look to Pinterest for more design inspiration so a professional can create the perfect custom mirror solution for your space.

Consider Custom Window Solutions

Custom windows can increase the natural lighting in your room and open up your space. Glass enhancements can result in lower energy bills and increased comfort.

Think about the type of window you want to install, what size is best and whether or not you want it to be energy-efficient.

Installing newer glass options such as double-pane windows (insulated glass units, or IGUs) and Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows can decrease your energy bills and provide better insulation for your bathroom. Both of these windows are known for their energy efficiency and ability to reduce noise pollution.

bathroom skylight

Remodel Your Summer Home Bathroom Today

When you begin planning your summer home bathroom remodel, call the certified professionals at Glass Doctor. Schedule an appointment today at 855-603-1919.



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